Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding
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Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding

Access to Better Living

At Durham Custom Homes we can provide cost-effective design solutions for people who need improved access to their home. Our custom services can make any of our beautiful home designs accessible, allowing people with physical disabilities to enjoy greater mobility, comfort and independence. Through years of experience in areas of achieving greater accessibility we have identified ten essential lifestyle 'touch points' that include:

External Access
Wide parking areas and pathways, low-grade ramps, covered areas, and optimum night lighting enable better transition to and from the outdoors in all weather conditions and at various times of day.

Entries, stairs, doorways, and halls require special attention to minimize common width and height impediments. Surfaces and doors should be easy to navigate through and around.

Lift Devices
Indoor and outdoor lift mechanisms such as stair glides and elevators allow for easy transition from space to space.

Open concepts allow for greatest range of mobility in and around cupboards and appliances. Work areas must enable wheel under access and allow for surface pullouts and easy-glide drawers. Selection and placement of handles and control panels should minimize reach.

At Durham Custom Homes we understand that space needs to be maximized to allow for turning and use of sink, toilet and tub/shower. All fixtures and grab bars need to be carefully selected and strategically installed to promote safety and independence.

Non-slip surfaces reduce hazards. Dense materials offer greater support and stability when either stationary or moving.

Windows and Doors
Mechanisms should be easy to open and close. At Durham Custom Homes we can take special care to ensure that your access will not be hindered.

Laundry Facilities
Front-loading appliances and adjusted heights of workspaces minimize impediments to use.

Alarms provide peace of mind. Intercoms and viewing holes offer added security and communication.

Outdoor Living
Non-slip decks and patios, retractable awnings, and see-through railings help visibility and stability.

For a free consultation to discuss your accessibility needs contact us today. We can help you live safely and independently.

Frequently Requested Features for Accessible Homes


  • Redesigned kitchen to allow for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Easy-to-open cabinets and drawers
  • Lowered countertop with clear space below to provide comfortable work height and allow for approach with mobility aids
  • Shallow sinks
  • Use of specialty cabinets such as pot and pan drawers and roll out shelves

  • Spacious roll-in shower
  • Sufficient turning radius to allow for transfer
  • Grab bars
  • Comfort height toilets
  • Lower sinks and fixtures
Interior Finishes and Throughways

  • Wider doorways and corridors
  • Eliminate difference in height between flooring surfaces
  • Lever style door handles throughout
  • Easy-to-reach electrical switches, plugs and heating/cooling controls
  • Enlarged closets with easy-to-reach rods and shelves
Lift Devices

  • Elevators servicing two or three levels
  • Porch lifts
External Access

  • Exterior landscaped ramp
  • Exterior entrance through garage (using interior ramp or lift)
  • Motion activated exterior lights