Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding
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Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding

Kingsway Forest Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make changes to plans or move walls?
Absolutely! We will arrange design discussions with you and together we will create the perfect home for you. That means listening carefully to your thoughts about use of space and details. Quite often we can suggest more than one way to provide the benefits you want. We can happily offer you less costly alternatives to customize your home.

Are those extra large windows standard?
Yes. Bright airy spaces are wonderful, larger windows add to that.

How do I go about buying a Durham Custom Home?
Simply visit our sales centre and our sales representative will guide you through. The process begins with you selecting the design you like most and which lot is your favourite. We will prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale when you are ready. Shortly after we will arrange a design meeting at which time you will have the opportunity to customize your new home.

What if I need help with colour selections?
We will arrange an appointment with our Décor Consultant for you to complete the process of colour selections (i.e.: cabinets, flooring, bricks, shingles etc)

Who is Durham Custom Homes?
Durham Custom Homes has been owned and operated by the Goldman Family for almost 60 years. Day to day operations are the responsibility of, Jeff Goldman, a 3rd generation son. Durham Custom Homes has a team of professionals to guide you in the purchase, customization and construction of your home.

What about finishing a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom in the basement?
No problem! We can design the layout for you and give you a very competitive quotation. We customize a great percentage of the homes we build for our clients and basement finishing is just one aspect of that. By the way, finishing the lower level space is very cost effective way of expanding living space in your home. Because your new home is built to Energy Star® standards, your finished basement will feel as comfortable as the main floor of your home.

Can I buy a new home conditional upon the sale of my own?
Yes, we do accept conditional offers. If another offer is received on the lot you have secured, you will have the first opportunity to remove your condition, or you may choose to select a different lot.

How long does it take until my new home is ready?
If construction has not yet begun on your new home, the process can take anywhere from 4 - 6 months depending on the time of year. The construction time frame is provided toyou when you sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

What is your Customer Service Policy?
Invariably, there are issues that need to be addressed by us. Your new home is covered under the Tarion Warranty Corporation Plan. However, Durham Custom Homes' Customer Service Policy is to deliver a better built home from day one. The process starts with your submission of a Pre-delivery Inspection Form, then a Tarion 30 Day and a Tarion Year End Form, or our own Service Request Form. Our intent is to make this process as convenient as possible. We have an online service request form, or if you prefer, simply visit our conveniently located customer service centre, located right on site. Upon receipt of your request, we work with you to resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption to your family life.

Durham Custom Homes has an excellent reputation. How do you maintain that quality control?
It starts with the basic premise... "Let's ensure our home owners are happy!" This thinking plays into every process of the home purchase as well as the home construction. From the first discussions with our sales representatives through to the final design and the finishing details of your new home, the goal is always to ensure your satisfaction. The best way to achieve that goal is by communicating and keeping you actively involved in the process of creating your new home. The end result is "no surprises".

How much of a deposit do I need?
Typically we require 5% of the purchase price (around $20,000 as a total deposit) Plus we may require you to pay for a portion of any extras or upgrades you choose to include in the purchase of your home. The deposits are usually staged: the first $5,000 on signing and the balance of the deposit due upon removal of any conditions.

How much down payment do I need?
It is possible to buy a new home now with as little as 5% down payment and a mortgage of up to 95% of the value of the home. Of course, the larger your down payment the lower your cost of borrowing. Our Mortgage Professional would be pleased to discuss all of your financing options with you.

Can I get financing anywhere I want, or must I work with the lender for Durham Custom Homes?
You are free to arrange your financing with any lender you choose. However, we have excellent arrangements with Mortgage Specialists (such as Marlene Jobb with the Royal Bank) who can work with you to ensure you get the best rates and terms to suit your objectives.

Do you have real estate professionals available to help me with the sale of my house?
Yes, we have outstanding working relationships with many Real Estate professionals across the province. We are able to provide you with a referral for a qualified agent wherever you currently live. We will work with your realtor to ensure a smooth transition from your current home to your new Durham Custom Home.

What is an Energy Star®/GreenHouse Certified Home?
Energy Star® combines proven traditional construction methods with most current age technology to give you a healthier, more comfortable, energy efficient home. GreenHouse Certified takes Energy Star® one step further and includes stringent requirements to construct a home in the most environmentally responsible manner. (Refer to the Green Living section of this web site to get a more complete description of these two programs.) How much will it cost me to upgrade my house to an Energy Star® Home/GreenHouse Certified Home? There is no need. Your new Durham Custom Home is built to Energy Star® specifications and is GreenHouse Certified. You are able to enjoy a healthier, more comfortable home, while saving money on your utility bills the moment you move in.

How long will I have to wait to get grass?
We want the outside of your new home to be as beautiful as soon as possible. Please recognize, however, that weather has a major impact of the timing of finishing the sod.

Can you build a barrier-free home?
We incorporate many barrier free features into all of our homes and are recognized as a leader in the design and construction of complete barrier-free homes. Durham Custom Homes has worked with many buyers who have specific needs (elevators, lifts, wider hallways and doorways, bathroom's with grab bars, etc.)

What are the additional closing costs when purchasing a new home from Durham Custom Homes?

  1. Land Transfer Tax (unless you are a first time buyer) is charged on any property sold in Ontario.
  2. The Tarion Warranty enrolment fee (mandatory in Ontario)
  3. Your legal costs (including your lawyer's fees and fees to register your mortgage, deed and other documents on title)
  4. Moving expenses